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Founder Manuel Romero's business spans more than five decades in the publishing industry. His journey in the world of letters began in the 1980s when he developed an innovative idea in the publishing field known as "Hoja Libro" (Leaf Book). However, due to adverse circumstances in his home country, he had to suspend this project temporarily.


Determined to realize his vision, Manuel Romero emigrated to the United States, where he resumed his ideas and developed various projects in creative publishing. He founded ConceptPress NY and Romlacio Editor, companies that have become pillars of the publishing industry.


One of his current projects is "Hoja Libro: Presidents of the United States." This project is artistic and filled with information about the creation of the United States that combines the richness of excellent photography with detailed biographical information. Each page is a window into the lives of the leaders who have led the United States throughout its history, allowing readers to explore and learn in an accessible and engaging manner.

ConceptPress NY portfolio includes  "The 100 Greatest Soccer Players in History" and "100 Women Footballers for the History of Sport," both also in "Hoja Libro" format. These works stand out for their contribution to the appreciation and understanding of the history and significance of sports and their ongoing commitment to preserving history through the written word.


Manuel Romero's ethical and professional vision has left a lasting mark on the publishing industry, demonstrating that a passion for knowledge and a commitment to preserving history can go hand in hand. His legacy at ConceptPress NY and Romlacio Editor continues to enrich the minds and souls of those seeking a deeper connection with the culture and history of the United States. His contribution to literature, education, and the world of sports is a testament to his tireless dedication to enriching society through the written word.


Manuel Romero and the ConceptPress NY team hope you enjoy each of the creations.

The team will constantly be creating new projects. 

Creative Team

Manuel E. Romero


Georgina Soto

Marketing Director

Ruth Garcia

Chief Editor

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